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Weststar Maxus

Leading Automotive World Industry

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Maxus is a division of SAIC (Shanghai Automobile and Industrial Corporation), the largest automotive manufacturer in China. A Fortune Global 500 company, SAIC sold almost 6 million vehicles in 2015 and has formed joint ventures with Volkswagen and General Motors. In 2009 SAIC acquired the commercial vehicles division of British Motor Corporation which included the LDV platform.

Shayvillestudio redesigned the Maxus website and developed the front-end interface that not only user friendly, attractive and portray their product, yet taking into consideration of screen sizes and resolutions of large variety of devices used by users. Our ‘front-end strategy’ includes the website content strategy that aligned the business strategy and users’ needs, developed brand personas as well as optimized the search engine guidelines.

Shayvillestudio role in the project;

  • Website Design
  • Front-end Development
  • Website Content Strategy
  • Mobile Friendly

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Shayville studio provide the best “personality” solutions for your growing business. Two distinctive areas where we specialize in are digital solutions and branding. Via our designs, we ensure that your online marketing activities communicate effectively to your target audience through an interactive and persuasive online experience.

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