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In accordance with government effort to strengthen bumiputra economy, which proposed in Malaysia 11th Plan, eNTERWIP initiative is a sustainable platform in the effort to deal with information gap among entrepreneurs. It guides entrepreneurs to escalate their business through smart business information, effective branding strategy together with the use of accurate technology.

Shayvillestudio was assigned to redesign the Enterwip website and developed the front-end interface that is user and multi-device friendly, with vibrant corporate look to draw the clients’ attention. The website content strategy is aligned with the main mission of Enterwip, and at the same time built the online personas with optimized search engine where clients are able to get the information they needed in a format that is easy, relevant and mobile friendly. Shayville studio was also the event partner of Enterwip.

Shayvillestudio role in the project;

  • Website Design
  • Front-end Development
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Event Partner

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Shayville studio provide the best “personality” solutions for your growing business. Two distinctive areas where we specialize in are digital solutions and branding. Via our designs, we ensure that your online marketing activities communicate effectively to your target audience through an interactive and persuasive online experience.

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